Mid-way through our remodel

Posted on 06 October 2015

It's been almost 10 years since we opened Mabel and Zora, I can't believe how fast time has gone by.  
It's time for a little refreshing...and we've been working on it all year.  We still have a ways to go...the biggest changes still to come, but I thought it would be fun to share some of our progress!
Here's us before!

Our old cashstand at Mabel and Zora
The screen was never what I thought it would be, 
so we eventually took it down and put up some cute chevron wallpaper...which I liked better, but was still just never right.  And as Rachel said the day we put it up..."I'm just afraid you're going to get sick of it."  
I got REALLY sick of it!
But more than the chevron, I was just tired of the yellow, it was never the right yellow... I envisioned citron yellow...think Doris Day in Pillow Talk.  

Our original shop on Alberta Street had some citron yellow in it, (check out the super young Beans in this write up in Portland Monthly!)

Mabel and Zora 2006 Alberta Street

So we've decided to finally get the yellows right.  And to do that we realized, there needed to be a lot less of it!  We've painted the entire shop white and are adding back in some citron yellow accents.

And we decided to finally hang the picture of my mom that was the original inspiration for our shop!  
In an extra-large form! Take a look:

Tiffany's mom and macrame at Mabel and Zora

She made her super cute romper and was just getting off her dad's plane, I love everything about it: the colors, her romper, the fact that she just went for a flight with her dad, her hair! Everything! We've added it to our back wall and are still working on getting all my macrame projects right!

So much to do, but we're working on it! Here's some more images of changes so far:

Changes at Mabel and Zora

We've also updated our logo, taking the owls from our favorite candleholders...what do you think?

New Sign at Mabel and Zora

We worked with Brett of I am the Lab to rework our logo and loved the process and outcome.
I feel it's just a little fresher and cleaner.

We'll keep you updated on the changes to come!

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