Three reasons why Michael Stars is my #1 shopping buddy

Posted on 16 June 2016

A man who understands what women really want knows that it all really comes down to COMFORT. A woman can look like a million bucks, but if she's not somewhat comfortable - she nor anyone else will be having too much fun, am I right ladies?  (high-five inserted here.)

That's where your man, Michael Stars, comes into play. 

Michael Stars uses only the best fabrics and materials when it comes to creating the dresses, tops, and trousers. His ensembles are designed for all day wear and comfort while providing effortless style

Here are my top 3 reasons Michael Stars is my #1 shopping buddy:


1. He encourages you to show a little skin

A true friend encourages you to show off your assets in classy but sassy ways. This season he is really serving it up in the crochet and back detail departments! From his Gauze Tank to his ultra flattering Midi Dress, his dainty design of the crochet detailing will have you feeling feline, comfortable and secure in your garment.

Beat the heat in his flirty off-the-shoulder tops. The charming pink Gauze Off Shoulder Top (shown above) is just one of his fun bare-shoulder or boatneck options this season. 


2. He understands that a lady likes options

red drawstring dress by michael starssummer dress by michael starsblack drawstring jumpsuit by michael stars

Michael Stars knows how to accentuate our waists in the right way with dresses like his drawstring tied waist. keeps a variety off Michael's drawstring dresses and jumpsuits, some which sit at mid-waist, and some fitting lower for those with longer torsos.  #options



comfy dress by michael starsAlong with providing a flattering waistline, Michael Stars understands the benefits of ruching. His Ruched Mini Dress sells out quick because it fits like your favorite T-shirt, but still looks great enough for a night out.

3. He makes t-shirts as soft and comfy as hugs from your favorite person.

comfy tees by michael stars

Call me over the top, but I am a believer that you could happily live everyday in his tops. Get just one, and you'll be hooked! The secret is in his ultra soft and stretchable fabrics. Due to his blend of materials, a lot of his shirt options are able to come in a one-size fit.

The best part about his tees is that they can be dressed up so easily! The structure in these tops make them great for tucking into dress pants and skirts. They are also such high quality tops that they make even your most casual outfit,consisting of favorite jeans, look refined and polished.  

Making an investment into a Michael Stars piece will easily be your most profitable move when getting your money's worth right away and for years to come. That's right ladies, this is the good stuff - YEARS.

Get your Michael Stars collection started Here and be sure to explore our selection at


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