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Posted on 13 May 2016

I couldn’t be more thrilled that I get to write about some of my favorite things! Fashion and Yoga. I am so used to writing about yoga for fitness blogs, so when Tiff gave me the idea of blogging about my yoga obsession and one of my favorite brands we carry at Mabel & Zora, I was so excited!


BAN.DO is the epitome of fun! They are all about sunshine, flowers, and pizza in the form of fun stationery, gifts, and even workout accessories (score for the yoga nerd right here)! Their products invoke laughter, but most importantly they remind you to not take life so seriously!


When these Ban.do workout mats arrived in the mail, I had to buy one instantly! I mean, yoga and pizza go hand in hand, right? And when I started teaching at Flex & Flow Yoga, the pizza mat came, too!

Ban.do products are not only the most fun, but they are also friend magnets. Roll out this mat in your workout class and you have an instant conversation starter. A few weeks after rolling this mat out at Flex & Flow, I saw all my new friends with Ban.do water bottles and yoga mats!

So join in on the fun! We still have a few mats in the shop, as well as all the pink and floral Ban.do life accessories! Also, stay tuned in for new products and the brand new Ban.do agendas for next year!




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  • franki: May 13, 2016

    Love the brand and love the blog about the brand.

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