Tis the season to be Pretty in Pink

Posted on 27 April 2016

Pretty in Pink        
Growing up, I remember the color pink having sort of a controversial place amongst the school yard. Pink was for girls. Not just any kind of girl though - ‘girly’ girls.  Wearing pink meant that the boys knew you as a cootie queen, the ‘tom-boy’ girls would pick you last for kickball, and you were assumed to want to grow up to be a princess on career day.
Pretty in Pink
I must say, although given it’s childish rep- pink has come a long way since it’s recess days.  I find that it used to be so black and white of a shade- there was pink and hot pink with hardly any in between.  These days in fashion; however,  my life-long, pink-loving dreams have come true.  An abundance of pink shades from fuchsia, to blush, rose to stone, and endless shades of champagne are the new normal on the style scene.
Pretty in Pink
Since I was small, I have never been able to picture myself wearing a white gown on my wedding day, in fact I’ve always wanted pink. With my wedding being this August, I felt absolutely SPOILED with all the pink options that have recently come to trend. I went with an embellished, stone pink number and I couldn’t feel more ‘pretty in pink’ in it.
Pretty in Pink
One of the best parts in this recent surplus of pink shades is that there truly is a shade to match anything or anyone’s style. The lighter blush shades act as great neutrals allowing for easy pairing with a variety of prints and colors. The wide range of neutral pink options have played a major role in breaking the comfort zone barrier- allowing men to feel more confident expanding pink into their color palette. This trend is becoming so popular that you can find men clothes ranging from soft neutral tones of pink to bolder ones just about anywhere.
Pretty in Pink
Here at the Mabel and Zora shop, Tiffany has definitely been feeding my neutral and pink obsession! She’s got this trend on lock down and has supplied us with a variety of materials, prints, and shades of pinks crafted by some of our favorite designers.  We’ve got you covered for your Pretty in Pinkspring and summer trend needs!
By Kate Abke 
 (Images from Sankles)

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